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When reading through the posts, I have to ask: What is the treatment that Native Americans should have? I listen to my sister get frustrated because her friend's children get a break on their tuition and the only difference between her kids and her friends' kids is the ethnicity. Both mothers have worked very hard to achieve what they have. Both have multiple kids.

I don't have an answer to this dilemma. I know that because of my parents' financial situation, I got grants to help me out with school. I am very grateful for the help because it wasn't easy paying for school while working full-time.

To me, it's like the income tax dilemma. If we do a flat tax and everyone pays a certain percentage of their income (like sales tax), then certain groups get offended. They have children or other dependents that they have to take care of. Yet, pets don't get you any tax breaks.... I feel for those with children who are struggling. I also know that having grown up that way, I always said I would never have kids unless I was sure I could take care of them.

Anyway... these are my thoughts for the evening. Have a good one!
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