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Yeah those birds and planes... what's that about anyways? I watched one video in which Dirk and Jo discussed hair and just when Dirk was about to tell what happened to his back then there was the stupid chirping. Arrrgh! I suppose he was telling something along the line of having his hair highlighted in BSG and A-Team but in truth he's not blond...

I might download the videos, you never know how long they stay online. Even though it's weird to watch him like that (makes me feel like a stalker) the videos show so well how he really is, and I really enjoy what I'm seeing there. I heard him calling himself a grump in one of his dairy room sessions, but I think he's too hard on himself there. He's just like we all are, sometimes we all just have bad moods (especially when some immature chic is chasing you around). Actually, all the nasty events just showed he's not resentful at all as a day or two later he relaxed and talked to them all again normally.

What I enjoy the most in BB remains to be his skipping (amazing!) and the silly dances. And when he was laughing for whatever reason. There's nothing better than a happy Dirk.
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