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Default Re: Survey: A Day With a Fictional Character

Originally Posted by Vballspieler View Post

1. I have some ideas, but i'll come back to this one...

I would have to say a character like Jake appeals to me. I believe he is the same personality type, but not sure if that is good or bad.

2. Before I answer this, I have to say that I see some Bahston in your writing...
Friendships are very important. Romantic or non-romantic - you should at least be friendly to each other.

3. The character would be entering my world.
As I am most comfortable at work and am there quite often, this would be the connection. I chose a profession that I love and am good at.

4. Any or none of these. Ok. The day would begin with the sun rising in the east. We would meet, complete our project, and finish the day on the deck with the sun setting in the west. All the other stuff would depend on our moods.
As I am an introvert and love kids, my most pleasant adventures would be simple ones. An outing together, playing games, helping with homework, domestic chores....all can be fun and relaxing. Winding down the day with a drink and watching the sunset seems just about perfect to me. Calm, peaceful, and relaxing.

Finally, a straight answer.

I can see a day with Jake being a very pleasant one. If I'm reading this right, it sounds like you're envisioning maybe working on a house project or financial paperwork together and then spending time hanging out afterwards. And preteen kids are just getting to the age when you can hold more involved conversations and do really fun activities with them, outside or inside.

I think having the same personality type would be an asset in your friendship - this semester I've been getting to know a couple classmates who are the same type as I am, and we all get along really well and have great conversations. Usually people of the same type who are both mature thinkers will understand each other better because of the similarities, but they will also appreciate the different experiences and approaches to life that make the other person unique. So I think you and Jake would have a good time together. And a relaxing (non-romantic ) sunset on the deck sounds like the perfect end to the day.
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