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Default Re: Space Ninjas by Plastic Monkey films - 2019

Hmmm... how do I say this? Dirk was funny as 'Jack Strange', but he had a very small 'role' as the narrator/intro guy. It must have been really fun to work on this one. I'd say Dirk and the theme music were the coolest parts of the movie. LOL. But it depends on your expectations, really. I like amateur B movies because I'm looking to make fun of them (I recall having a great time with some friends in a certain Kansas City hotel, watching Demon Keeper and laughing our butts off...)

This one would be a perfect candidate for an MST3K episode. I totally miss that show.

You know what I just realized? Recon 7 Down is on Amazon Prime Video now! Has anyone seen that one? I wonder if we have a thread for it...
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