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Originally Posted by Flygirl View Post
The only problem is, the more points of processing you have, the more opportunities for human or SW error. Personally, I think the tech is there and it just needs to be correctly implemented. People's trust is naturally behind the development of cyber-security, but we've made great strides in recent years.
I don't think points of processing would be a problem - The person "logs in", via finger-print, votes, it's placed into the data-base AS THE VOTE HAPPENS. Any tampering of the database can be tracked/traced. It really isn't that much different than these forums we're posting on - They are database driven. As soon as you hit submit for your comment, it's in the database. Being the person that runs these forums behind the scenes, I can look at the database and track entries into it. Those entries leave behind a IP. The tech is there these days to track even a fake IP to it's original source. You can also see any changes made to it. After the votes, backups need to be made immediately. That way, a compromised database would be invalid because the backups would have the correct info.
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