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Originally Posted by John Pickard View Post
And yes, I live up to my reputation as a thread-killer.
No, you don't. We'll come back and debate..... speaking of which, I have missed a lot.

Where to start? If you are going to get rid of the Democratic party, please get rid of the Republican party, too, and start over....

I agree about ending Affirmative Action. The problem is that some people only hire males and Affirmative Action was the only way to force them to diversify their workforce. If we could hire on ability only, life would be better. Being excluded just because you are female, royally sucks.

I grew up in a community where there was no diversity. I would like to think I am not racist, but I am very cautious these days..... of everyone. You never know what someone will accuse you of. I do know that I would never take my non-white friends to my house....not because of them, but because of the opinion of my father. He grew up in the same all white community. He even thought more of the boys than the girls. It's not only POC that have faced prejudice. Changing your circumstances is hard. Not being judged for what your parents did or did not do is also hard. It's not always about the color of your skin.... or your religion.... or whatever else we get judged on. If you are not of middle class in a highly respected job, you do get looked down on. Worth less than someone else.

I watch many news programs and news feeds lately. I try to balance out the slants of the news I am getting. I do agree that this being an election year is making the George Floyd posts more news worthy. How many others are now included in the protests that hadn't died this year? Yes, change needs to happen. Reallocating some funds makes sense. We are asking a lot of our police officers.... and by blaming the whole police force or whole departments is not fair to them. As was pointed out, most of them are good and want to dedicate their lives to helping others. By defunding them and all the media comments against them are making it harder for those who are good to do their jobs. I get why many are retiring or finding other opportunities. We need to improve the police. There are many issues that may be more specialized than what the police were designed for. They are still there trying to help...and ALL LIVES MATTER. It doesn't matter what color of skin you have.

If we only do statues of those people who are perfect, we will never have a statue. A more comprehensive teaching needs to be done... slavery was wrong, but women were also thought of as property. Meant to be kept "barefoot and pregnant" and double-standards are still alive. Males are labeled as "players" and "studs" and females are "sluts" and "bitches".

Sitting across from East Germans while riding a train taught me a lot about how arrogant Americans can be. Somehow, we became the strongest and best at everything... and I know, that's a little ambiguous, but being the foreigner in a country where I was hated really opened my eyes...and I didn't do anything. Had my family never crossed the Atlantic, that would have been my hometown....

Have I covered enough topics... I feel very sad for the country. I wish the pandemic was over and I could go see my friends and family. I wish we could make the world better for everyone. I wish the shootings, riots, and looting would stop. I wish everyone was perfect and we lived in a perfect world.
"If you don't know what to do, do nothing. If you don't know what to eat, eat nothing." My favorite quote. If only I can get this in writing. To be fair, the discussion that preceded the quote was about not settling because you don't like your choices. You should find a good choice for you.

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