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VBS, I can't disagree with what you've said here. Well, except the part about getting rid of Republicans... But if you provide a number of other options to the two party system I'm all for it.

It's funny you mention bringing home friends to your father. I dated a black guy for a while when I was a teenager. At first it was because he was awesome and he was in the USAF - but then I kept seeing him after I realized we weren't really compatible. Afterwards he admitted he knew part of it was wanting to annoy my mother. Turns out he was using me for the same exact reason! Parents be crazy... We're still friends to this day too (even though he's a Democrat politician! )

Wrt the impressions of foreign citizens, I agree Americans are a bit arrogant. I also believe we're the greatest country in history and it's not a position for which I'm willing to apologize. I think Americans are incredibly naïve to think our problems are so terrible... Other countries have much bigger concerns, and that's a whopping understatement. More Americans should travel around the world for some perspective. Especially the hopelessly sanctimonious who weep for and denigrate America, and look at patriotism with disdain (usually young people but often older people who've just not had the experience to know better.) #firstworldproblems, indeed. Other countries view our media and hear the pathetic cries for attention and they start to believe there's really something wrong with us.

A friend wrote this today and I just had to share. Tell me if this resonates with you as much as it does with me:

Racism exists of course, but these new “woke” contradictories just completely destroy our ability to tackle these things logically.

It’s problematic for a white person to discuss racism, but it’s also bad to stay silent.

It’s bad to move into a “black neighbourhood” and build a life there, but it’s also wrong to leave if things get tough.

It’s wrong to “not see colour” and judge people on their characters, but it’s also an issue if you do mention race.

At some point we have to admit that this is a lose-lose situation and perhaps the only way to “win” the game is to simply not play. Until the political climate changes and actually allows reasonable discourse I see no respite from the madness we are living in. Until we are all allowed to have a voice in these issues there will be no unity.
And this person is not from America, either. The same social identity -based crap exists everywhere.
“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West.

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