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Default Re: Charlies christmas wish

Originally Posted by John Pickard View Post
There's really nothing odd about it...

Dirk is not in this movie!!!

Of course he's interested in it, even would support it, since one of his sons is a featured player in it. But his own involvement in it has been greatly exaggerated. Probably not on purpose, but exaggerated nonetheless.

Dirk is, however, in Space Ninjas, where he sports a dashing goatee (it's actually a Van Dyke, but nobody knows the difference). It's a much better goatee than he wore in Demon Spawn.

I just posted the link to the video here because Toni was talking about the movie and as you said, it has George in it. Why Dirk was mentioned as cast (also by Toni) and then wasn't in the cast after all can have many reasons. Maybe he was supposed to be but then didn't want to anymore. Maybe he didn't want to stand in George's way by throwing his hat in the ring.

As for Space Ninjas I'm curious about that one. The trailer looks decent considering it's an indie movie. It's quite amazing to see how well special effects can be these days even on low budget projects if the producers are just willing to put work into it.
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