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Attention all members,

In light of recent events pertaining to our PM system, the rules of this forum have been amended and updated.

Please note: Personal grievances with other forum members that happen away from this board should not be brought here, and will not be tolerated here. If you have a personal beef with someone, take it to private email.
Our moderators have no control over who likes who and who says what about whomever elsewhere. Be it private blogs or otherwise.
We're mods, not gods.

Also, in light of the fact this website now features individual member blogs, the same needs to be made clear. The blogs are a paid service by the staff here, and they are a priviledge to use. Please keep general courtesy of other members in mind when posting to your blogs. Fights on the blogs will also not be permitted. There are hundreds of free blog services available on the world wide web if you feel you must argue with/debate with, or flame someone who is a standing member.

This board prides itself on providing a positive and courteous atmosphere for all of our visitors and members to enjoy and the staff will continue to ensure that remains the case.

Thank You.
The Dirk Benedict Team