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Default Re: Major Dirk News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Originally Posted by Beverly View Post
Was Dirk ever in a movie called strike? I ordered one and it stated he was. I never saw him one time in the movie. I asked a few days ago but no one has had an answer yet. does anyone know what web site I can go to find out why. I only ordered it because he was suppose to have been in it. It was about a strike in Poland. Thanks! Beverly
I don't know of any movie concerning a strike in Poland. He was in "Goldene Zeiten", where he played a television character named John Striker (among others). He was also in a movie about WWII called "Recon 7 Down" (video released as "Inglorious Bumblers" for some reason). Those would be the closest I can think of to what you describe.

Where did you hear about "Strike"?
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