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Originally Posted by John Pickard View Post
And yes, I live up to my reputation as a thread-killer.
Haha! You are most definitely not a thread killer. That is my title...

Yes, this has been a pretty tame political discussion for the 2020 internet. (Or anywhere else, for that matter.)

I disagree with you on a systemic racism thing, John, but you know that. I would need to see pretty strong evidence of something so "systemic" that we need a new civil rights movement to combat it. Thousands die in Chicago, LA and Detroit and no one bats an eye because they can't neatly and directly blame it on the establishment - but a few cops a year harass or use excessive force on black people and we're suddenly dealing with a pervasive problem that only exists in law enforcement? I'm calling shenanigans on the whole thing, sorry. I used to live near Baltimore and my husband and I had two friends in the BPD. They deserved combat pay, and medals, just for doing that job. (Oh, and one of them is black - I'm sure he's just loving this after everything he has seen...) Policing isn't perfect in America, and unions seem to cause some trouble; so sure, let's make some improvements. Do you really think that's going to stop the angry mobs? NYC just took $1B from police officers - away from law enforcement in NYC - let that sink in... and that still wasn't enough for these clowns.

BTW, you can't say you're not racist, John. That makes you racist. Always treating people all the same regardless of their skin color is racist; that's how I know I'm a racist! And all my conservative black friends are racists too. (Or Uncle Toms, or whatever. Ridiculous.) See, unless you are a modern American social justice warrior, we all have this implicit bias against people of color and there's nothing you can do but work hard to "unpack" your bias and recognize it, then apologize for it. Over and over... preferably on your knees.

Just sharing the rules.

I've been saying for years there is a powerful group of puppetmasters in this country who have been building people up to this, by weaponizing the media and Hollywood to exploit people's emotions and insecurities and militarize them against what they now recognize as "hate". The stratagem has already been played out so far and people are so far gone, they don't even see that it's their own hate destroying everything around them. We are experiencing a level of mass indoctrination not experienced since perhaps 1930s Germany.

I don't know if you've noticed, but a larger number of viral race-related news stories have coincided with election years... Trayvon Martin just before Obama's re-election, Michael Brown at the midterm, and now George Floyd*.
*Floyd was a guy murdered by a bad cop. You've got to share some of that fire hose information you speak of because I am not aware of a shred of information suggesting there was some secret and sinister race-related reason for his death. So if I missed something I really would like to know.
Interestingly I thought one of the most clear cut examples of extreme officer neglect and callousness wrt a black person in custody was the example of Freddie Gray in Baltimore. I was surprised that wasn't the biggest catalyst for widespread calls for police reform. But then... it wasn't an election year so the media machine wasn't as quickly spun up as it could have been.

Obviously the incidents themselves aren't orchestrated, but there's a very deliberate effort to latch on to the right story and make it spiral out of control with a very specific objective. (You've seen the media machine grab the wrong story and screw it up too, a la Jussie Smollett and most recently, Bubba Wallace).

Originally Posted by John Pickard View Post
but it's also something deeper, more insidious, that needs to be recognized and addressed, that really did start with the first European settlers on this continent.
I gotta run for now - but can you expand upon this statement?
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