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Default Re: Survey: A Day With a Fictional Character

Day 2 – Story 2: Inspired by Starbuck

Once upon a time, there were two people who walked into the accounting office aboard the Battlestar Galactica. Only a few privileged people knew exactly where the office was. It was kept confidential for safety reasons. They were discussing the situation their best friend had gotten himself into.
Apollo walked over to my desk and said “Hi. I was hoping you could do us a favor. Starbuck is being held for non-payment of his debts by the owner of the chancery on the Rising Star.” I replied, “I heard, Apollo, but I don’t know what you expect me to do about it. You know that Starbuck likes to gamble.” Cassiopeia looked at Apollo, then at me, and said “We know. He’s Starbuck. But we just can’t leave him there! Can’t we work something out?” I thought about it for a few moments and then said, “give me two hours and then I will meet you at the shuttle launch. I have an idea that might work.” Cassiopeia smiled and said, “I knew coming here was a good idea.” Apollo agreed and walked out of my office with Cassiopeia.
With a short time to prepare everything, I commed the bridge and asked if I could have an audience with Commander Adama. He agreed that we would meet in his chambers in one centar. I got busy preparing the documents I would need for my meeting. I turned to my computer and began typing.
Fifty centons later, I was on my way to Commander Adama’s quarters. I had a folder with all of my documents. I knocked on his door and was granted access. Adama looked at me and said, “I hear we have a situation. What has Starbuck done and how do you propose to solve his dilemma?” I laid out my paperwork and explained my idea. He agreed and signed where I indicated on one of the forms. Then he looked at me and commented, “I hope the owner of the chancery on the Rising Star has agreed to this plan.” I grinned and said “he will. I’m sure of it.” I looked at my watch and excused myself from Adama’s quarters. It was time to meet Apollo and Cassie for the shuttle.
When I got to the launch area, sure enough, there was Apollo pacing. Cassie was sitting quietly on the bench, encouraging Apollo to calm down. “Starbuck’s been in worse situations. You’re his friend. You watched him get himself into impossible situations. He always survives. Why should this time be any different?”
I walked through the doorway and greeted them, “Is our shuttle on time?” “Yes,” said Apollo, “the next shuttle to the Rising Star is on time. It will be here any centon.” He was right. The shuttle docked, and we were free to board within five centons. We got clearance to launch, so we buckled up and enjoyed our trip over to the Rising Star. Apollo looked at me and asked if I could share the details of my plan. “Soon,” I said. “Really soon.”
Once we docked at the Rising Star, all three of us got off. We made our way to the bar. “Wait here,” I instructed. “I’ll be back in a centon.” Apollo and Cassiopeia looked at each other and sat down at the bar. “We might as well enjoy a drink,” Cassie said. “This could take a while.”
Some time passed before I returned. I was successful. The owner had agreed to my plan. Now to get Starbuck on board. “Ok. All set here. Off to the prison barge we go,” I remarked as I walked up to them.
Once we boarded the next shuttle, Cassiopeia sat next to me and insisted I tell her my plan. “Don’t worry, Cassiopeia. This won’t hurt him… much.”
Starbuck looked up from his bunk when the Apollo and Cassiopeia walked in. “Hi, guys. Just hanging around. How about you?” Cassie sighed and said “Starbuck. You could at least sound like you care about missing your patrol.” “Oh, I do. I really do care.” Starbuck replied. “Hi, Apollo. Miss me?” he said with a mischievous grin. “I know Boomer loved the extra duty while I was slaving away here.” Apollo glared at him. “We brought someone to help you,” Apollo said as he and Cassie parted. “Guten Tag,” I said to Starbuck. “It’s good to finally meet you.” He stared at me for a centon and then asked, “how can you help me?”
“Well”, I said, “you have a problem and I have a solution.” I looked at Cassiopeia and Apollo and asked them to give us a minute. They left the room, closing the door behind them. Starbuck walked over the door and gave me a quizzical look, “Yeah, watcha got?”
“It’s this simple, Starbuck. I have an agreement to garnish part of your wages to pay off your debt to the Chancery. Every time you get paid, part of your wages will go to the owner. All you have to do is sign some paperwork.” I handed him the pen and a stack of papers. “if you don’t understand any of them, just let me know.”
Starbuck took the pen and glanced through the paperwork. He looked at me. “Are you sure you have enough? The manual for my Viper is thinner.” He read through the first few papers. As he was signing the promissory note, he remarked, “I feel like I’m signing my life away.” Once he was done, he handed the paperwork and the pen back to me and said “thanks. I was getting a little restless in here. It’s just not like flying my viper.” I nodded and summoned a guard. I told him, “I have the signed agreement in my hands. I will fax a copy over to the accountant on the Rising Star and then Starbuck should be free to go.” I looked at Starbuck and said, “I’ll be right back.”
I faxed over the copy and nodded to the guard. He opened the door and Starbuck walked through. Cassie ran over to him for a hug and Apollo gripped his shoulder. As they were embracing, I snuck out the door.
The next day, Starbuck walked in to my office carrying a bouquet of flowers. He handed them to me and said, “you left before I could properly thank you yesterday.” I accepted the flowers and said “you were busy with your friends. Next time you run into trouble, you might ask for help before you end up back in the brig.” He smiled and said, “does that include you, too?” I smiled back and said “yes, of course.”
And that was the beginning of a life-long friendship……
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