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Hey Darrell, nice to meet you. See responses below:

1. & 2. Noted, but neither are these sets mutually exclusive. The problem comes when the majority of protesters support the rioters, and even people on the sidelines in Hollywood and corporate America are bailing *rioters* out of jail. Agree that there's a distinction between "social injustice" and politics but it's really hard to separate the two when 1 of the 2 political parties considers their entire platform "social justice".

If you get a chance to read through my whole commentary you will see that it focuses more on the misuse of power by the Democrats and less on the individuals - who in my view are being brainwashed by their environment. So it's really not about slamming protesters themselves. But I would like to discuss CHAZ because I think this could be a major teaching moment for the next generation. I don't want to let it go to waste, since they'll have banned history books by the time my kids go to college.

3. - is a whole other commentary. But I don't disagree.

4. Do people still use that acronym? Is it a forum thing? I haven't seen it used since MySpace.

5. So, this is interesting. Your statement initially read to me like: "As a person who played the trumpet in high school, I am probably the wrong person to even discuss recipes in a Facebook group." Huh?

But then I read it again, and here's my take. The only answer I can come up with is that you're projecting a thinly veiled sentiment that only protected classes have the 1A right to speak about certain issues in specific and approved venues/forums. That's not what you're trying to say, is it Darrell?
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