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Hey, so let's change the conversation up a little bit.

On every platform, it seems, debates on provocative issues almost inevitably lead to misunderstandings wherein someone takes something personally or feels the need to put somebody down. I'm not saying it happens once in a while, like it did in the 2000s, I'm saying almost 100% of the time. Have you guys noticed that? At first I thought it was just my snarkiness. I have a very snarky and often heated debate style (and I think people understand it better when we are face to face than texting), but I almost never get personal with the person I'm debating. I am an active listener, and I feed off what the person just said when I'm trying to make a point.

So I'm working on being less snarky. But I'm conservative, obviously, and I think conservative voices are not only silenced, but "corrected" in a sanctimonious way by people who feel they have some superior understanding of the human condition. That drives me nuts. I mean, NUTS.

I will share with you that this happened to me last week on a forum for an international professional society of which I've been a member, an author and a chairperson for 16 years. I almost quit the society and I am still seriously considering it. You would think people with multiple PhDs in psychology would understand certain things about themselves... I wrote this to the former president just now while we were discussing it:
"I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I believe the society was more inclusive years ago than it is now. You may disagree with my statements, but that doesn’t make them disrespectful, ignorant or immoral.

Members claim to be interested in diversity and inclusion, but diversity of thought and of ideology is just as important as ethnic and social diversity. I hope members will come to realize that in the future. Although we have members spread across the globe, *** has become a microcosm of our American society in a very negative way. Just as we see every day on the streets and in the media (and entertainment, sports, etc.), the loudest voices with the “correct” message are heard, and the others are silenced or threatened. Mobs of people don’t see how oppressive they are when they think they are right and just in their oppression. We have seen this throughout history."
There's a little more to the conversation but that is my feeling about what's going on all over... not just social media but regular, everyday conversations and even at work. We're just not *listening* to each other anymore. Personally, I think it's that people are internalizing it more, and that's because those people are being targeted in an insidious way - so they believe they are/have been personally abused as a result of a conspiracy of widespread environmental bias. (So even if they have had one or two bad experiences in their lifetimes, they blow them up and attribute them to this enormous problem rather than a singular source). I do believe racism exists, and reverse racism. I also think the media's cries of "racism" every time they see potential are mostly unfounded.

What can we do about these problems? How can we work together more collaboratively?

And building off of that, and the solution Darrell just mentioned in terms of abolishing politicians and starting from scratch... I think more than a few of us think the two-party system is outdated. It's not going to go away unless people start voting third party even if they think they're probably "throwing their votes away". Will this ever be addressed - by whom? And how? I don't see this as being a priority for our current government...
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