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I have a problem with being judge and jury without an investigation. The video on what happened to George Floyd looked really bad (and it was), but the officers still deserve an impartial investigation. If they are guilty of murder, prosecute.... just like you would do with anyone else. First impressions can be wrong. That's why our ancestors wanted everyone to be innocent until proven guilty. That's not the case these days. You are guilty until you can prove yourself innocent and then hope that society doesn't convict you in public opinion. If you are not in the popular majority, my belief is that you always have a higher risk of being targeted. Whether it's being poor, uneducated, different color skin, etc..... African Americans are not the only ones who have ever been discriminated against. Equality is not prevalent in our society. Opportunities, wages, being considered a suspect, even medical care is not equal. If everyone had to pay the medical costs to fight this coronavirus, the lower income are disadvantaged. Why is my life more expendable than someone who makes more money than I do? We need to do better for everyone, in many areas. ALL LIVES MATTER and not just black ones.
Amen to all of this. We need to stop trying people in the court of public opinion. Something as serious as a life being taken needs to be handled by proper authorities, *immediately*, investigations should take place before public comments are made and video evidence is only one piece of the puzzle. Personally, I thought it was clear that George Floyd was murdered - or, at the very least, his death was caused by extreme incompetence and negligence on the part of all the officers involved. Rayshard Brooks was not murdered. He was shot by an officer after resisting arrest, assault, fleeing, and attacking the officer. It looked like a "good" shooting. But my opinion based on two video snippets means nothing, nor does anyone else's. The entirety of social media is not the jury.

I also agree that we have inequities in our society and unless we are going to take everything from everyone and spread it out evenly - which is not fair to those who have worked for it - we have to accept inequities. Does that mean we shouldn't shoulder responsibility for making sure people who can't afford medical care can be treated when they are ill or injured? Of course not. Does it mean that people who don't work and don't have money should get free nose jobs and gender reassignment while rich people pay for them? No, it doesn't. There's a line. I also maintain this conversation has naught to do with race or ethnicity.

Originally Posted by Vballspieler View Post
Mail in voting is an option and in my state, it's always been there. Voting is your right and obligation. Doing it should be acceptable and not discouraged because you can't or won't do it in person.
I have gone back and forth on this. I have nothing against someone requesting a mail-in ballot and using it to vote when they can't get there (e.g., they are out of the country, physically impaired, etc.) But that's already allowed and is done regularly. I don't think any state prohibits that. I also question the huge Democrat impetus for changing it to a *mandatory* mail-in vote this year. So I'm asking you to sell me on this one. How do we minimize ballot harvesting and fraud, when they are finding ballots in garbage cans in Nevada?

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