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Originally Posted by Vballspieler View Post
I wonder why we couldn't vote electronically. If they can figure out a way to scan a thumb to get a code on your phone to open up a ballot electronically, why not? We do this to protect our financial information. Why not our vote?
I've talked about biometrics before on our debate group. The trouble people seem to have with it is that they don't believe the government is there yet with a cyber-tamper-proof centralized database, and it would have to be administered at a state level. Then there can be some technical issues with biometrics...

Here's an interesting concept though (at least I think so). What if we used fingerprint/handprint or even voice activated sensors on law enforcement officers' weapons? That may be a stupid idea based on temporal concerns in life-or-death situations. On the other hand it is an added layer of security.
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