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Default Re: Published articles?

Originally Posted by Wim View Post
Hi All, I am new here and a bit overwhelmed with all the info on this site! But it seems difficult to find published articles or interviews with Dirk about his works. (Besides of course BSG & The A-Team).
About "Cahoots" for instance there is not much to find about what brought Dirk to write and direct it, how the cast was assembled, how his ex-wife got cast, how it was for his son (did he watch the movie being this young), how Anne Lockhart came to co-direct, how it was financed, why he dedicated it to Gloria Swanson's husband, If there is a reason Patsy Kline's music was used, why the main character comes from Alaska (is it a coincidence he also made a movie "Alaska", his brother lived there for a while, ...) I really cannot find any feedback on this film (except for why it did not came out on DVD).
Does anyone know if there is some kind of archive of interviews with and articles about dirk's works?
Hello Wim, and Welcome to DBC. So happy you found us!

Dirk has spoken many times about Cahoots in interviews but I've never found one specifically for it. What I remember is this - he said the movie is a sort of response to Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He said that movie was fantasy and those characters would not be that way. (In my own words, please excuse). George Roy Hill, the director, asked him to write it the way he thought it should be and Cahoots is the result. Hill read the script and never spoke to Dirk again. Some years later someone offered Dirk a lot of money to make the film which he did.

There are many interviews posted here, and some links. I'm trying to bring all of them to this site, but I know they are not 'catalogued' properly. That is being worked on.

I don't know why it doesn't go to DVD but I do know there is another film out there with the same title, also about two friends. Cahoots is listed at Movies Unlimited and has the cast from both those movies listed as one. I ordered the movie and it turned out to be about 2 very young men. I email Movies Unlimited about their mistake. They said they would pass my email to the proper department but nothing happened. The movie is still listed with Dirk as a cast member. Perhaps they do that to sell the movie that no one would buy otherwise.

I don't know why his ex is in it. They have children, so perhaps they try to get along. I don't think Anne Lockhart was the co-director. She was co-producer. Dirk was director and writer.

Again, Welcome to the site, hope you enjoy yourself.
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