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Default Re: Earthstorm on Sci Fi tomorrow


I thought the way the actors pronounced the scientific terms was a 'US' accent thing - from what you say, apparently not!

Dirk at least looked credible with his mathematical scrawls on the clearboard!

Can't say I cared much for his grey suits and the washed-out 'grey?' makeup they gave him - were they trying to emphasise his 'G-man' role visually too?

My favourite part of the film is the complete lack of any attempt at special effects to show loss of gravity as the shuttle moves away from Earth!

Dirk mentioned the making of this film during CBB and it was hilarious how he said all the young (yeah they were mostly younger than him - aren't most people now! ) kept asking during read-throughs, 'what's my motivation here' etc and not knowing their lines etc, whereas Dirk arrives at his hotel the night before he has to begin work, reads through the script that was left for him, and knows all his stuff ready for the next morning. Ahh!

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