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Default Re: Earthstorm on Sci Fi tomorrow

Originally Posted by shastastar
I think you are calling me out as a geek here so thanks I appreciate that!!!! I think everybody important on this site all ready was aware of my geek like status....
I don't think 'geek' is a 4-letter word, oh wait ... yes it is!

Originally Posted by shastastar
I was not going to pause it to check the math, but rather to see if it was even math or formualic equations at all. I agree with you that he was probably copying some formula from that piece of paper in his hand on to the board, but if he wrote something like else funny, it would be awesome to catch that.
I'm impressed with your dedication in checking Dirk's gravitational calculus!
LOL - somehow I don't think the director/props guys gave that stuff to him!

Originally Posted by shastastar
And No DeeBee of course you aren't a geek, but should you ever consider yourself in that category.... Hatch and his friends have a new dating site for geeks / fangirls / fanboys called you may want to check out.


Peace Love Hope Faith bancha and B12

LOL - No it's true SS, I can't deny my geekiness!
That site looks pretty good ! It's certainly tempting.
I'm getting nowhere with a site I'm on at the moment. Problem is I'm too nonconformist, if someone tries to pidgeonhole me as a certain type of person based on religion, ethnicity, education, etc, that doesn't describe me.

For other's here interested in reading about what Richard is up to, here's the link to a brief interview with him promoting the site - he wants to develop it for more than just dating/networking!
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