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Default Re: A Macrobiotic Library

Originally Posted by Wobbly Pat View Post
Very interested in this. I have reached the end of what western medicine can do for me, and looking for other ways to help myself. I have recently taken up .yoga and Shiatsu, but the idea of a macrobiotic diet fascinates me. Unfortunately I have a very sceptical husband, and as I have to rely on him to eat, life could become very complicated. Can you help with some ideas?
I understand what that's like. My dad is like that. The nice thing about macrobiotics is that you can make it very practical for your lifestyle. If you like Asian food it's not too hard to do without making your loved ones think you're going off the deep end. I'd recommend starting by incorporating brown rice, whole grains, and beans and vegetables regularly into your meal plans. Stir fry is one good way to do this. The key is to eat a healthier balance of food groups, which generally means a higher proportion of whole grains and vegetables. There are recommended percentages, and if you want I can give you the exact numbers when I get home. If you want more recipes, the books I listed will give you an idea of more resources you could get. Hope that helps!
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