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Default Re: Galacticon 2021

The 45-minute live stream of this GalactiCon virtual event has been posted on-line. I didn't find it, because they seem to post on several different platforms and DailyMotion wasn't the one I was following...

But it's up for all of us to enjoy:

GalactiCon Live Chat Video

Originally Posted by Wim View Post
Anyone follow the live stream on January 2nd?
Mostly the same questions/responses but still learned things I did not know before!

Hi Wim! He did go into more detail than he has in the past on some of these, didn't he? The guy isn't a bad interviewer. It was a fun exchange.

Originally Posted by Wim View Post
Where did everyone go? Should I move to Facebook? :-(

That's my fault, Wim. I think we've all had a challenging year, but things are starting to turn around.

Originally Posted by Christy View Post
Hi Wim!
I had planned on following the live stream on 1/2/21 up until the day before and sadly my plans had to change. : (
That's cool you were able to watch! : )

And now you can see it, too, Christy!

So, what did y'all think?

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