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Originally Posted by ojai22 View Post
Well, they wasted no time in taking it down. They say the video breached their terms of use. The content was rejected. Could the video be posted elsewhere? Like Rumble or ......

So sorry I missed it.

EDIT: There's a very short clip of Dirk talking to someone that looks to be a part of the missing video. I can't do links right now but the subject line is: Dirk Benedict speaks with me for my classes. It's posted by Kurt Messick.
That's a little after-interview. I talked to Kurt about it in mail. I guess he bought or got some time with Dirk after the interview for a vid for his classes. (with Galacticon there was a possibility to purchase up to 10 minutes one-on-one with Dirk) It is GREAT! and got me all motivated again. Here's the link to it:
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