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Recipes If you have a great macrobiotic recipe you would like to share or are looking for new ideas to spice up your meal plan share them here.

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Default Barley Miso Soup

Okay so since two of my non macro facebook friends asked and I went to the trouble of typing it up, here it is for the rest of you too... I have kind of come to this through trial and error so enjoy!!!

take a 2 quart pan and fill it with water to within an inch of the top
add a pinch of salt and a postage stamp size piece of dried kombu seaweed and a small portion of dried wakame seaweed as well ( this amount is up to your taste, the point of the seaweed is to mineralize the barley while it cooks)
take 1/2 cup pearl barley and add to the water
simmer for about 30 minutes allowing it to boil lightly.

Add 2 tablespoons of barley miso ( again less if you want it more subtle, but somewhere between 1-2 tablespoons you can also use mellow miso rice miso etc, the barley is just because it's barley miso soup but however you like it)
wash and take one bunch of green onions, cut into 3/4-1" pieces and add
wash and take a 3 " piece of Daikon radish, peel and slice thinly into the broth
take 1/2 of the standard brick of extra firm tofu. drain water, cut it into pieces about 1/4 " thick and about 1" square add to the broth
wash and take 1 bunch of baby bok choy and chop into 1" pieces and add
take 2/3 baby carrots or one regular carrot slice thinly and add

simmer / lightly boil another 30 minutes until the veggies are well steamed, and stir occasionally from the bottom to check the softness of the barley

serve and enjoy... this is about 4 good size bowls and is super low cal, but filling

Yours in the one true forever

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Default Re: Barley Miso Soup

That sounds good.
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Default Re: Barley Miso Soup

Nice recipe, SS! Will definitely go in my MB recipe book to try out soon. Thanks!

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Default Re: Barley Miso Soup

Mmmm, just had some of this today, different veg in it with the barley - carrots, leaks and broccoli that were in my fridge. Yum!
Thanks for the recipe!
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Default Re: Barley Miso Soup

Soup is the secret dietary weapon!

Blended food (ie soup) stays longer in the stomach than food and water eaten unblended. This allows an appetite hormone to send signals to the brain to be sated for longer.

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