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We also talk about his many roles (including Starbuck and the Faceman), about Macrobiotics – basically all things Dirk Benedict, and more; we are a community of friends, people who initially came together to celebrate Dirk, his career, and his books, but who discovered that we have much more in common.

So if you’d like to join us on our members-only forum (Dirk’s Works), or just want to see what’s coming up for Dirk, take a look back at his previous work, or any combination thereof, we bid you a warm welcome and hope you enjoy, and come back often!

John Pickard, Webmaster

“There is a divine moment in our lives when we become One. It is called pro-creation and it is reborn continually and forever in the future we call children.
They are our destiny and we are theirs. The extent to which we fail as parents… we fail as God’s Children.”

Dirk Benedict
Actor, Author, Director, Woodchopper, Dad


A few items we need you to know:

**Well, it was a noble experiment, but the new format for Dirk’s Works was pretty much a bust. A blog format works well for a blog, but as a message board? Not so much…

Thanks to my brilliant and knowledgeable brother-from-another-mother Darrell, the errors plaguing the “old” Dirk’s Works message board have been resolved and is again fit to use, so we’re going to return to that forum. We’ll be working on updating the look and feel over the next few weeks – not just for the Dirk’s Works forum – but we can get back to business in the familiar setting of the message board format.

Enjoy! -John

**During the switchover to this new layout and format, the “Contact Us” function also changed. The transition wasn’t as smooth as I’d hoped, and I keep finding weeks-old messages I hadn’t seen yet. I think I’ve ironed out the problems, but I do apologize to everyone who sent a message that did not get a response. I am going through what messages I have, but if you sent in a business query or similar message and didn’t receive a reply, please resend!

If you sent a message asking for autographed photos and the like, I’m afraid I can’t help with those at this time; we simply don’t have the facilities. I hope to one day “open” a store, but that’s a future project (got a few other matters to work through before I can address that). Right now, the only way to get an autograph is to go to one of Dirk’s appearances. So please be patient and understand if I don’t respond to those requests. -John