Dirk Benedict may have started out in the theater, but he is no stranger to the big screen.  Below is a list of his movies:

Title  /  Year  /  Character

The A-Team / 2010 / Pensacola Prisoner Milt (cameo)

Recon 7 Down / 2007 / Tom Myers

Goldene Zeiten / 2005 / Douglas “Doug” Burnett*John Striker*Horst Müller / Alt. Title: Strike!

–A “Behind The Scenes” Preview–
A German film production from Director Peter Thorwarth released summer 2005 in Germany
Synopsis courtesy of Dirk Benedict (“Douglas Burnett/Horst Mueller”)
“It is a complicated, twisted film. The story takes place around a Celebrity Golf Charity event. Ostensibly to raise money for the children of Rumania with Leukemia. It is all a scam but not everyone involved knows this. The main character of the film, an ambitious young guy named Ingo, is one of those in the dark. There are many, many plots and subplots going on simultaneously as this event/scam is put together and many people being killed, (some mysteriously, some blatantly) mostly by the Russian Mafia who are involved. One of the “innocent victims” (no one is really innocent for all the characters in the film are victims of their own greed and ambition) is the character I play.

Douglas Burnett, an American TV star from the 1980’s. He is shallow, arrogant, self absorbed and was great fun to play. He is also not whom he appears to be. There is a twist, which I can’t give you or it kind of ruins the film. I will say I also play a failed, angry, bitter, humorless German in the film named Horst Mueller. Great fun. . In the end, no one “wins” but the young man, Ingo, is much wiser.

The film is a dark comedy somewhat in the vein of Quentin Tarantino’s PULP FICTION. But with gravitas. A depiction of the spiritually bankrupt world we live in where success and happiness is measured by money, fame and possessions. You know, the model of car you drive, square feet of your house and the size of your 401K.”

Cahoots / 2000 / Director & Writer
Two men who were “best friends” while growing up together and into their 20’s, reconnect after years apart. On the surface, their lives have gone in opposite directions, one married, successful, respectful, and settled; the other divorced, footloose, unemployed and prowling. The narrative is not linear but vertical as a simple get together to “have a drink” leads to a nihilistic descent into macho hell. The only thing that survives their reunion is their love for one another. Cahoots is a fiercely dark comedy that asks no quarter and gives none in it’s blistering, unsentimental journey into the shadowy recesses of the male psyche. A twisted “Butch and Sundance” that implodes with the ferocity of natures forces as it strips the violent All-American male archetype glorified in our films and history books of all its rationale, glamour and cuteness.

“Cahoots” is Dirk’s own original screenplay which he has brought to celluloid as an independent film. Although well received at its November, 2000 premier, “Cahoots” never received the wide release its makers hoped. The film’s producers have not announced any plans to release the film on DVD.

UPDATE March 2014: Almost 14 years after the premier, a copy of this powerful film was posted on YouTube.

Waking Up Horton / 1998 / Tyler / Alt. Title: The Adventures of Young Brave

Alaska / 1996 / Jake Barnes

Demon Keeper / 1994 / Alexander Harris

November Conspiracy / 1994 / John Mackie / Alt. Title: The Feminine Touch

Shadow Force / 1993 / Rick Kelly

Blue Tornado / 1991 / Alex Long

Body Slam / 1987 / M. Harry Smilac

Ruckus / 1982 / Kyle Hanson / Alt Titles: Big Ruckus in a Small Town*Ruckus in Madoc Country*The Loner

Underground Aces / 1981 / Pete Huffman

Scavenger Hunt / 1979 / Jeff Stevens

W / 1974 / William Caulder / Alt Titles: I Want Her Dead*W is the Mark of Death

SSSSSSS! / 1973 / David Blake

Georgia, Georgia / 1972 / Michael Winters