The “small screen” has always had an affinity for Dirk and his performances, and he became a household name in large part due to two television roles in particular: Starbuck and Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck.  But those haven’t been his only forays into television.  Not by a long shot.

Title / Year / Character / Series*Movie

Earthstorm / 2006 / Victor Stevens / Movie

Mr. T: The E! True Hollywood Story / 1999 / Himself / Special

Abduction of Innocence / 1996 / Robert Steves / Movie

Christina’s Dream / 1994 / Director / Movie

Official Denial / 1994 / Lt. Col. Dan Lerner / Movie

Bejewelled / 1991 / Gordon / Movie

Trenchcoat in Paradise / 1989 / Eddie Mazda / Movie

Mark of the Devil / 1984 / Frank Rowlett / Movie

The A-Team / 1983-1987 / Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck / Series
“In 1972 a crack commando unit was sent to a military prison for a crime they didn’t commit”…..of course, any well-rounded A-Team fan out there knows the rest. In January of 1983, directly after the airing of the Super Bowl, The A-Team made its debut on NBC television. The story of four men, all members of an elite US Army unit stationed in Vietnam, then framed for treason, robbery and murder. Forced to flee from prison and take refuge in the Los Angeles underground, they worked as “soldiers of fortune” for the oppressed, downtrodden and just plain ol’ people who were getting pushed around by the bad guys. This concept turned out to be a great premise for a one hour TV show. And it was a great TV show.

The A-Team ran for four seasons and introduced us to four very unique characters, one of whom was Lt. Templeton “Faceman” Peck….played by Dirk Benedict. It would prove to be one of his signature roles, and one he is loved for around the world.

“Face” is a man of many talents. The supply officer of the group and all around “scrounger,” Face, from time to time, resorts to unusual methods of acquiring what the team needs. Given the nickname due to his good looks, it also applies to Face’s ability to disguise himself. Anything from a circus clown to a priest…… if you need it….. Face can get it for you.

Family in Blue / 1982 / Matt Malone / Movie/Pilot

Scruples / 1981 / Spider Elliott / Movie

The Georgia Peaches / 1980 / Dusty Tyree / Movie

Battlestar Galactica / 1978-1980 / Lt. Starbuck / Series
One of the show’s most beloved heroes and one of Dirk Benedict’s favorite characters.

The role of flying space ace and all-around womanizer “Lt. Starbuck” fit Dirk Benedict like a glove.  The role, although written for him by Battlestar Galactica producer and creator Glen A. Larson, the role wasn’t easy to get, mainly because the “powers that be” at the network didn’t find Dirk “quite right” or “sexy” enough! (Imagine!).

But, luckily for Battlestar fans, Dirk and Glen won out in the end and the character of “Starbuck” was born – and still captures fans, new and old, to this day. Battlestar Galactica is currently being shown in many countries around the world, including “Space: The Imagination Station” in Canada and MeTV in the US.

Cruise Into Terror / 1978 / Simon / Movie

Journey from Darkness / 1975 / Bill / Movie

Chopper One / 1974 / Officer Gil Foley / Series

Other TV Appearances / Himself*Various / Special
This is Dirk’s IMDB page, which has everything, including guest spots not included on this list.