Q&A Questions from 2016…

If you remember, John offered us a chance to ask Dirk our own questions…. well, I went to the convention in New York and had the chance to ask one of my questions in person. My original question was: Do you compose music as well as playing it?

As many are you aware, Dirk went to college with music as his major. He talked about wanting to be a composer in his Q&As. He plays both the trombone and the piano, as well as being able to sing.

In my career adventures, I was blessed with the opportunity to work at a university with an Academy of Music. The students are very gifted and often wrote their own music. Since Dirk has written books, articles, and a screenplay, I wanted to know if he also wrote his own music. Logical to think he would, right?

At Wintercon, I took the opportunity to ask him. Dirk said that yes, he did. At least, he used to write it down. Roland commented that Dirk often played his own music when he was growing up. Dirk said that he still creates his own music, but no longer writes it down. He wished that there was a way he could play it and have it magically recorded. After a brief discussion, Roland said he was on it.

Music has always been important in my life. I appreciate and am also a little envious of those who can write, play, and sing it. The world wouldn’t be the same without you.

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I’m so happy you finally got an answer to your question, VBS!

Music has and always will play an important part in my life. Maybe there’s a reason for that. My grandfather studied music and was a professional musician. He worked at our National Opera, played in a jazz band and was also a music teacher at the conservatory. He also wrote his own music.

I used to play an instrument myself (the clarinet), I sang in a choir, but I cannot write my own music. So wish I could. And if you can learn how to do it, I’d be very interested.

Great to have questions and answers like these! Thank you Vballspieler!!!
Must be refreshing for Dirk also not to be asked the same questions over and over … 🙂

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