I am not getting political…

But… I just had to post this quote from Fox News this morning… “This is one heck of an A-Team. Except in this case, Nancy Pelosi is a poor man’s Hannibal Smith; Jerry Nadler is actually B.A. Baracus and everybody else is Murdock because they’re crazy. And nobody’s good-looking enough to play Face.” – Tony…

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Movie Photos

Here’s a great shot of Dirk from Scavenger Hunt, my kid’s recent favorite movie. ? – with Willie Aames (Eight is Enough; Charles in Charge…) +50

Convention Talk

I see that Herbert Jefferson, Jr. has been added to the guest list for NY Wintercon at the end of November! So for those keeping track, that’s Dirk, Laurette, Noah and Herb. How exciting! ? +20